Google Media Server

Multimedia Server in form of a Widget for Google Desktop



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Google Media Server is a widget for Google Desktop that lets you stream content to a compatible media device is connected to a local network. The name of the network protocol that enables such communication is UPnP or Universal Plug and Play.

With Google Media Server it is possible to see a movie that is being played on your computer in the living room television via a next-generation console like PlayStation 3 and Wii, send photos in a Picasa album to a digital photo frame, or watch YouTube videos on a iPhone or PSP.

The panel for the configuration of the Google Media Server shows the slides that you have may use and those that may not be used. Also you should create shared files on your computer: all or only the ones that you have selected. If you do not know what a widget is go to the following address, TVersity This site will allow you to do practically the same as a widget.

For Google Desktop 5 or later.

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